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ITS 2023: Unlocking Growth Opportunities

ITS 2023:Unlocking Growth Opportunities

In a crescendo of knowledge, networking, and innovation, the International Tooling Summit (ITS) 2023 drew its curtains on a high note of success. Organised by TAGMA India, this flagship event left an indelible mark on the industry landscape. Spanning vibrant discussions, insightful presentations, and collaborative interactions, the summit showcased the tooling industry’s unwavering spirit and commitment to excellence.

On August 24 and 25, 2023, at The Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel, Brigade Gateway, luminaries, thought leaders, and practitioners from across the country and diverse industry domains gathered at the International Tooling Summit (ITS) 2023, which was aimed at ‘Exploring Diversity in the Tooling Industry’. With a sharp focus on leveraging innovation to unlock new horizons, ITS 2023 – the flagship event of the Tool and Gauge Manufacturers Association (TAGMA) India – presented a platform for dynamic conversations that are poised to shape the future of the tooling sector

The event began on a celebratory note as the attendees applauded ISRO’s incredible accomplishment of Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing on the moon’s South Pole. With their hearts filled with a sense of pride, the attendees then sang the National Anthem. This historic milestone, which filled the atmosphere with inspiration, has proved India’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and reaching for the moon – a sentiment that resonated with everyone gathered there.

Dignitaries Speak

This moment was followed by the solemn lamp-lighting ceremony, which was graced by the presence of the esteemed dignitaries. The summit’s Chief Guest Mr. Sudeep Dalvi, Sr. Vice President & Director - Technical & Purchase and Chief Communication Officer, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, illuminated the occasion with his esteemed presence. Accompanying him as Guests of Honour were Mr. Satyajit Gupta, Chief Technical Officer, International Aerospace Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. (IAMPL), Mr. Yuki Kita, President & CEO, FANUC India Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. G. Manikantan, Managing Director, Multiple Special Steel Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. D. M. Sheregar, President, TAGMA India, and Mr. D. Shanmugasundaram, Vice President, TAGMA India

Mr. Sheregar then welcomed the audience. “We are truly honoured and delighted to have you all here today, coming together to discuss and explore the dynamic world of toolmaking. We extend our gratitude to each one of you for gracing us with your valuable time and insights. As we gather here today, it is important to recognise the vast opportunities that lie ahead for Indian toolmakers. In the coming days, our industry holds the potential to scale new heights and carve a niche on the global stage. We stand on the cusp of transformation and must be prepared to seize these opportunities. Aerospace, packaging, electronics, toy making, white goods, and many other industries are growing. Even the automotive sector, which has displayed remarkable numbers since the pandemic, shows promising signs of improvement. We must align our strategies to harness these potential growth areas and propel Indian toolmaking to new horizons,” he said.

Spot the opportunities

Mr. Dalvi, the Chief Guest, then addressed the audience. He said, “I would first like to extend my gratitude to TAGMA for conceiving such an exceptional event and providing us, as an OEM, with the opportunity to engage with crucial stakeholders in our supply chain. Initially, we hesitated to source tools from India due to our global launch strategy. However, after participating in a TAGMA event at our plant a few years ago, we recognised the impressive capabilities of Indian toolmakers
Consequently, we increased our sourcing from domestic vendors, and the recently launched Innova Hycross now contains 85% domestic tools, up from 35%. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your invaluable support and for being an integral part of our supply chain. Your contributions are immeasurable.”

Mr. Gupta, the first Guest of Honour, then highlighted the growth opportunities that the aerospace industry presents Indian toolmakers. “The Indian aerospace industry is growing multi-fold in both defence and civil aviation. Almost all the aerospace OEMs have their footprint in India and are looking forward to strengthening it by the day. This presents immense opportunities to the Indian Industry and toolmakers. However, meeting cost and timeline requirements for such high-accuracy fixtures are necessary. Some examples of aerospace tooling include precision clamping chucks, precision clamping mandrels, zero-point clamping systems, hydraulic fixtures, precision drill jigs, stretch forming dies, form blocks, milling fixtures, vacuum fixtures & acceptance gauges, etc. I would like to request the tooling and part manufacturing industry to imbibe the right technology & equipment to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry," he said.

Mr. Kita commented, “I’m excited to be here. The Indian tooling industry has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to sustain this growth for the next decade. India’s GDP is forecasted to grow by 6.4% this fiscal year, driven by private consumption and investments, with government support. The Indian manufacturing sector is projected to reach a $ 1 trillion market size by 2025. Traditional sectors like automotive, engineering, and consumer electronics are thriving, while emerging areas like EMS, EV, aerospace, and consumer goods offer promising opportunities. TAGMA plays a crucial role in uniting industry stakeholders.”

When the esteemed dignitaries had finished addressing those present, Mr. Shanmugasundaram delivered the ‘Thank You’ note. “As we delve into the heart of our industry’s discussions, we are inspired by the theme that guides us this year: ‘Exploring Diversity’. This theme serves as a call to action, urging us to step beyond the boundaries of convention and embrace the uncharted territories that lie ahead. While our roots have been firmly planted in the automotive sector, the winds of change bring with them new horizons that are brimming with opportunities. We witness this transformation in the remarkable surge of toy exports, a staggering 60% increase that echoes the unfolding growth story in aerospace, electronics, toy manufacturing, white goods, and home appliances. This flourishing ecosystem breathes life into our journey of expansion and innovation,” he said.

Mr. B. P. Shiv, Vice President & Head – Sales & Marketing, TAFE Engineering Plastics & Tooling Division, then presented the ‘Keynote Address’. “In the past decade, the Indian tooling industry has experienced a phenomenal growth trajectory. This surge is not merely coincidental; it is the result of dedicated efforts, visionary leadership, and a commitment to quality that has placed us at the forefront of the global tooling landscape. Reports from around the world resonate with the sentiment that this decade indeed belongs to India. The manufacturing sector is poised to play a pivotal role in propelling our nation toward its audacious goal of becoming a $5-trillion economy. As this sector takes centre stage with a projected 20% contribution to our economy, Indian toolmakers find themselves at the nexus of a transformative era,” he said.

Speaker line-up

The heart of ITS 2023 lies in its remarkable speaker line-up. The event welcomed accomplished experts, each bringing a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge to the table. From veteran industry professionals to visionary leaders, the speakers left no stone unturned in sharing their insights, experiences, and forecasts. The summit’s sessions spanned a range of topics, from digital transformation to aerospace tooling, exploring uncharted avenues that often define the industry’s growth trajectory.


ITS Sessions : Day 1

Day 1

The first panel discussion on the topic ‘Indian Tooling Industry: Diversifying for Greater Heights’ was moderated by Mr. Ashim Sharma, Senior Partner & Group Head - Business Performance Improvement Consulting, Nomura Research Institute. The panellists included Mr. James Walsh, VP - Tooling, TATA Electronics; Mr. N. Prabakaran, Managing Director, DieTech India; Mr. Vijay Kumar Baheti, Director - Technical, Manjushree Technopack; and Mr. Nithish Parambath, Director - Industrialization, Schneider Electric. In this panel discussion, the panellists highlighted the opportunities in their respective sectors and the challenges they face while sourcing tools from India. They also spoke about how diversifying to other sectors could be the key to growth.

The panel discussion was followed by a presentation by Mr. Aashutosh Sinha, Principal - Business Performance Improvement, Nomura Research Institute (NRI) Consulting & Solutions. Subsequently, Mr. Paolo Frassi, Tool Steel Development Manager, Lucchini RS, presented a technical session on ‘Forging the Future: Evolution of Tool Steels and its Impact on Tooling’. The informative sessions worked towards building everyone’s appetite (not only for knowledge).

The gathering then took a lunch break and returned recharged to attend the sessions presented by Mr. Steffen Domay, Business Development Manager, FIBRO GmbH, on ‘Inspirations for the Value Chain of your Sheet Metal Production’; and Mr. Hidehiko Yamamoto, Specialist/ DM Business Development - Project Sales Department, Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd. on ‘Global Die & Mould Industry Trends’. The next session was presented by Mr. Sachin Sanghi, Principal Architect - Manufacturing, Google, on ‘Rethinking Digital Solutions for the Indian Tooling Sector’. In this session, he highlighted the importance of data security & cloud and urged Indian toolmakers to adopt digital solutions. Mr. Hank Wu, International Sales, YCM, then presented a technical case study.

The second panel discussion on ‘Designing and Building Moulds for the Aerospace Industry’ was moderated by Mr. Vineet Seth, MD - India, S. Asia, Middle East, Mastercam. The panel comprised Dr. Ravi Guttal, CTO, Aequs; Mr. Rakesh S. B., Vice-President - Aerospace, Sansera Engineering Limited; Mr. Maneck Behramkamdin, Business Head, Godrej Aerospace; Dr. S. Ravishankar - Chief Scientist & Head, Aircraft Prototype Manufacturing Facility, CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories. In this engaging panel discussion, the speakers talked about the current trends and growth opportunities in the Indian aerospace industry. They highlighted how global giants setting up shop in India will present a great opportunity for Indian toolmakers. While discussing the challenges, they suggested why toolmakers need to invest in the right technologies, acquire the necessary certifications and adopt a process-oriented approach.

In the last session on ‘Ideal Tool Room for EMS Industry’, Mr. Kannan R., AVP - Tooling, TATA Electronics, highlighted the tools required in the aerospace industry and how toolmakers should be prepared for the same.


The power-packed Day 1 sessions then came to an end with Executive Council Member, TAGMA India, Mr. T. Gopalakrishnan, Director - Marketing, Multiple Special Steel Pvt. Ltd., presenting the ‘Thank You’ note. The audience dispersed for a 30-minute break and then reconvened for the cultural program, wherein artists presented dance forms from various Indian states

ITS Sessions : Day 2

Day 2 began with a welcome speech by TAGMA Executive Council member, Mr. D. Ravi, Managing Director, CM Precision Product (Formally - Classic Moulds & Dies) & MD, Clastek Engineering. The first session of the day was on ‘High Hard Aluminium for Injection Moulds - The French Connection’ by Mr. G. Manikantan, Managing Director, Multiple Special Steel Pvt. Ltd. This was followed by a technical presentation by Dr. Vishwas R. Puttige, Business Head, amace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on ‘Advancements in Mould Manufacturing Technologies’.

The first panel discussion of the day was on ‘Let Us Get Ready & Play for the World’, which was moderated by Mr. Rajesh Nath, MD, VDMA, and included Mr. Bapugouda Patil, GM, Division Head - Purchase Division, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. B. V. Sudarshan, Dy MD, NTTF; Mr. Santosh Kulkarni, Vice President Materials - Polymer & Elastomer, Bajaj Auto Ltd; and Mr. Shin Jung Hyun, Managing Director, SEO YEONG DIETECH PVT. LTD. as panellists. The speakers spoke about the importance of having skilled manpower, the right infrastructure and a conducive policy framework for the Indian tooling industry to grow. They also spoke about the difference between Indian and overseas toolmakers and what India can learn from the developed world. Speakers from Bajaj and Toyota also appreciated the advancements in the Indian tooling industry and urged companies to keep up the good work and focus on exports as well.

The second panel discussion took place right after the lunch break. The topic of the discussion was ‘Die & Mould Sourcing Challenges in EV’. It was moderated by Mr. Akshay Kalyanpur, Director, Sridevi Tool Engineers Pvt. Ltd. The panellists were Mr. Ramesh K. S., Sr. Vice President, Ather Energy; Mr. Thej Kumar, Vice President - Operations, Product Development and Quality, Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Vinod Kubher, Partner, Prabha Industries; and Mr. Rajeev Chopra, Director - Strategic Sourcing, Ola Electric Technologies Pvt. Ltd. This engaging panel discussed the trends shaping the automotive industry and how the emergence of EVs will impact toolmakers. The speakers also highlighted the challenges they face while sourcing tools and charted out their expectations from the toolmakers while highlighting the requirements of the EV sector vis-avis ICE vehicles.

This was followed by a technical session on ‘New Machining Strategies for Die & Mould industry (Barrel Machining, Trochoidal Milling)’ by Mr. Sashi Menon, Cutting Tool Expert. Mr. Santhosh Raj, Head - Technical Centre, ALPLA Group, spoke about ‘Innovations in Packaging Industry Moulds: Trends and Advancements’, which was followed by a technical session on ‘Revolutionary Raw Material Solutions for the Tooling Industry’ by Mr. Pulkit Datta, General Manager, Proterial India Pvt. Ltd.

Next, the session on ‘Financing Solutions to Maximise your Business Success’ was presented by Mr. Raghunanda Gupta B. V., Vice President - Sales (Region Head – Karnataka & Kerala), Siemens Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. This was followed by a technical session on ‘Conformal Cooling Insert by Binder Jet 3D Printing (BJT)’ by Mr. Ambresh Nagaraj, Team Leader, Indo-MIM. The last session of the day was presented by Mr. M. Mohanavel, Aerospace Machining Consultant on ‘How to Prepare for the Aerospace Industry’.This highly engaging session was very well received, as Mr. Mohanavel highlighted the skill sets, infrastructure, and documentation required to serve the aerospace industry. As the last session of the day concluded, Mr. Shanmugasundaram presented the ‘Thank You’ note. In his speech, he thanked the special guests, all the speakers, delegates and particularly event partners. He also congratulated the organising team for the success of ITS 2023.

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A resonating success

The resounding success of ITS 2023 was evident not only in the quality of discussions but also in the participation. The event drew a diverse audience, with delegates from various corners of the country converging to exchange insights and experiences. The jam-packed hall resonated with the energy of collaboration and the quest for knowledge.

The success of ITS 2023 is a testament to TAGMA’s commitment to elevating the tooling industry’s standards, fostering connections, and driving innovation. As the event came to an end, the corridors were abuzz with conversations that echoed the commitment to continuing the momentum generated during the summit.

This sense of purpose is what sets ITS apart and positions it as a cornerstone event in the tooling calendar.In a world where innovation is a constant, ITS 2023 demonstrated the industry’s resilience and its determination to explore new frontiers. The event’s impact extends beyond its conclusion, leaving a lasting imprint on attendees and inspiring a wave of creativity and advancement in the tooling sector