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Main Objectives Of TAGMA

  • To unite those corporate bodies engaged in the manufacture of Tools / Moulds / Dies and Gauges into one Association.
  • To identify their common problems and evolve viable solutions.
  • To increase and bring out the contribution of Tool Room Industry to the National Economy.
  • To act as a forum for a dialogue on knowledge and technology in the Tool Room Industry.

TAGMA, supported by the Confederation of Engineering Industry, succeeded in bringing Tool Steel Import under OGL in the 1990-93 Import Policy.

As your membership and participation will advance common objectives through organisational integration, we invite you to be a member based on the following criteria

Criteria For Membership

  • The membership of the Association shall be open to any individual, who is above the age of 18 years or company owning or managing an industry engaged in design, sales or manufacture of dies for pressing, stamping, punching and forming; injection and compression moulds; die casting dies; patterns and pattern equipment; jigs and fixtures; standard tooling components; CAD/CAM; rapid prototyping; gauges; precision machining; special machines and related products and who is covered under the Factories Act 1948 and Shops and Establishment Act 1960. Institutional membership is open to all training institutes of this industry.
  • The Executive Council shall have the absolute power and authority and shall be sole judge to determine the eligibility in terms of the products and the services they can provide to the industry.
  • However, these corporate bodies considered for being admitted as "Members" must be otherwise eligible in terms of the minimum requirements of Factories Act 1948 and / or Shops and Establishments Act 1960.
  • The Executive Council shall have the absolute power and authority to determine as to whether the eligibility criteria of Membership is fulfilled and their decision shall be final.

Membership Categories

  • The Members of the Association comprise the following categories
    • Ordinary Members
    • Patron Members
    • Honorary Members
    • Associate Members

Ordinary Members

The "Industry" which satisfies the eligibility conditions for becoming a member of the Association can become an Ordinary Member against payment of entrance fees and relevant subscription.

Patron Members

The industry which satisfies the eligibility for becoming member of the Association can become a Patron Member against on payment of one time contribution of Rs. 1,50,000/- (Rupees One lac Fifty thousand).

Honorary Members

  • Persons who have rendered distinguished services to interests represented by the Association may be nominated by the Executive Council as "Honorary Members" for such period as may be decided by the Executive Council.
  • The Honorary Member shall be entitled to receive the last published report and to attend the meeting and speak but shall not have the right to vote at meetings.

Associate Members

  • Individual, tooling professionals with more than 5-10 years in the industry.
  • The Associate Member shall be entitled to receive last published report and to attend the meeting and speak but shall not have the right to vote at meetings.

Application For Membership

Application for Membership shall be made to the Secretary of the Association in the prescribed form in the name of the respective organisation or firm or company as the case may be and the same shall be duly proposed by a member and seconded by another member. Please contact any of the offices at Bangalore, Chennai, or Mumbai, most convenient to you.

Entrance Fee And Subscription

  • The entrance fees and the annual subscription prescribed for the category under which the Membership is sought and audited balance sheet of the company for the previous financial year, shall accompany the application for Membership.
  • Annual membership fee is payable in one lumpsum within 30 days of demand.
  • The entrance fee and the annual subscription for members shall be as follows
Classification Of MembershipGross Annual Sales TurnoverEntrance Fee (Rs.)Annual Subscription (Rs.) GST@18% Total
Ordinary Upto Rs 1 Crore. Rs.        2,500 Rs.    1,000 Rs.      630 Rs.       4,130
Exceeding Rs 1 Crore upto Rs 10 Crore. Rs.        5,000 Rs.    2,500 Rs.   1,350 Rs.       8,850
Exceeding Rs 10 Crore. Rs.      10,000 Rs.    5,000 Rs.   2,700 Rs.    17,700 
Patron * Rs 50 Lacs & above. Rs.   1,50,000  Nil Rs. 27,000 Rs. 1,77,000
Honorary - Nil   Nil  Nil  Nil
Associate - Rs.        1,500 Rs.    1,000 Rs.      450 Rs.       2950
GST @ 18% as applicable