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July 11, 2015 | Hotel Capitol, Bangalore

In continuation of TAGMA’s initiative of connecting with the existing and prospective membership and the tooling fraternity at large, roadshow was organised at Bangalore on 11th July 2015

The event was sponsored by
The event was attended by 100 delegates

Mr. R Sree Prakash - Vice President, TAGMA INDIA spoke about objectives of TAGMA and the highlights of activities undertaken so far

Mr. Gaurang Shah – EC Member, TAGMA INDIA spoke about the upcoming DMI show and exhorted all the attendees to participate in DMI to make the exhibition a big success.

The sponsors were allotted slot for presentation, details of which are as follows
TOPIC Company Introduction and Latest CNC Machining Centres for the Tooling Industry
SPEAKER Mr. A.Giridharan- Managing Director
TOPIC ‘HASCO NEW Products for Mould Improvement’
SPEAKER Mr. Rajnikant Patel – Director
Brief excerpt

HASCO innovative Cool Cross Z99/... opens up a range of completely new possibilities for the user when it comes to designing cooling systems for injection moulds.For the very first time, it is possible to have cooling channels crossing each other on the same plane in a flexible and inexpensive manner without any major outlay on production.

The HASCO CoolCross Z99/… permits a homogeneous temperature distribution at the core or insert, as well as constant cavity cooling on all four sides for the full duration of the injection moulding cycle. Hot spots can also be avoided.

Different independent cooling circuits cross each other on the same plane, making it possible to incorporate small plate thicknesses and inexpensive accessory components in the mould design.

By reducing the plate thickness, use can be made of shorter nozzles, guidance and attachment elements. This not only reduces the cost of the components but also the cost of processing the plates.

Using the Z99/... permits a reduction in the number of cooling channels, since it is no longer necessary to have a cooling channel in an additional plane. If the CoolCross is used in thicker plates, the installation depth can be selected on a variable basis. Adapter Z9901/… is then used to provide support.

By employing the innovative CoolCross, which is available exclusively from HASCO for the cooling circuits in injection moulds, it is possible to achieve time and cost savings for both the mould unit and the accessory components.

TOPIC Company introduction and critical spindle repair process.
SPEAKER Mr. Rajesh Mandlik – MD

Ultra Precision Spindles Pvt Ltd (A Setco Company) is engaged in to reconditioning of machining center and other types of spindles. The presentation was specifically meant for machining center spindles that being used maximum in Die and Mould industry. There is a common belief that spindle reconditioning is limited to replacement of bearings. But it is not so. Spindle rebuilding of machining centers involves many other activities and this leads to saving enormous amount of money and time of end user. Some processes are like taper grinding, refurbishing of shaft and housing by grafting sleeve, rewinding of stator winding requires high level expertise and is available in India. Moreover the success of spindle repairs lies in proper static and dynamic testing of spindle. Ultra Precision Spindles has created complete infrastructure in Pune to Chennai to rebuild and test the spindles with international standards. The objective of our presentation was to create awareness of such spindle rebuilding processes amongst mould manufacturers. This becomes more relevant as most of the machines used in die and mould industry are imported and users are largely dependant on getting spindle repaired in country of origin. Needless to mention to about time and hassles we face while sending and receiving rebuilt spindles.

We at Ultra Precision Spindles are strongly committed to make your machines up in minimum time. The efforts to reduce MTTR is also strongly supported with cost optimisation. Our sourcing is very strong and well supported by our Setco Global back up, thus we get genuine bearings of different makes.

TOPIC Introduction about Yudo Group. Hot Runner Solutions for various segments of Plastic Industry. Details of critical applications and issue faced & resolved with customers in India.
SPEAKER Mr. Vishal Agarwal
Vote of Thanks – Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal, EC Member, TAGMA INDIA
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