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Indian Tool Room Industry Report 2008

Table of contents
Index Particulars
A Engagement background
B Business objectives
C Approach and methodology
1 Executive summary
1.1 Summary of findings
1.2 Macro economic factors Indian economy
1.3 Historical trends of tooling market in India
1.4 Current market estimates
1.5 Purchase practices and decision making process
1.6 Future market estimates
1.7 Assessment of Commercial Tool Rooms in India
1.8 Issues, challenges faced by Indian Tool Rooms and way forward
2 Annexure - Sectoral findings
2.1 Automobiles
2.2 Auto Ancillaries
2.3 General Engineering
2.4 Consumer durables
2.5 Packaging
2.6 Plastic components
2.7 Electricals
2.8 Electronics
2.9 Others
Tooling Demand : Procurement Sources
Tooling Demand : Productwise - Growth Forecast
Tooling Demand : Procurement Sources
Tooling Demand : Type of Tool